Supported printers.
A2 Epson 4000/4400/4450 (4color)  4800/4880 3800/3880/P800(8color) 4900(10color) 
A1 Epson 7400/7450/7700/T3000 (4color) 7800/7880/7890(8color) 7900(10color)
A0 Epson 9400/9450/9700/T5000/T7000 (4color)  9800/9880/9890(8color) 9900(10color)

Special features for A0.
1. CMYK double enables 8 color, 10 color printer change to 4 color double. this feature increase ink density so draft mode (3pass, 4pass) can print with enough dark color. so finally increase productivity.
2. 2 different ink available . When using 8 color, 10 color printers ( also CMYK 4color mode, and CMYK combo mode using, you can use 2 different type of inks. )
3. Channel change features, When you met head trouble for example one nozzle clogging then you got serious thinking change to new head or not.
Now even though head clogging you can use with clogged head. 
8 color printer -> 4 color or 6 color , 10 color printer -> CMYK double  ( you can rearrange avoid clogged nozzles ).

XcolorRIP for A0

Add channels
  • XcolorRIP support multiChannel(Port) features , maximum 5 channels for 1 pc.

    So you can connect printers with 1 pc and print to 5 printers.

    But Add 1 channel need additional fee.

    Also General XcolorRIP policy is 1 usb dongle have 1 driver only. also if you want to add drivers it need additional fee for that.

    So you must choose 1 driver from supported printer list and let us know which driver do you want to use.  and also if you want to add 1 more driver, plz let me know which driver do you want to add.  and add new driver need add 1 channel so if you want to add driver, then also plz select add channels option, as add 1 channel.




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