XColor Ink

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A total solution for dyesublimation


 Xcolor international, as RIP software company, has tested several samples, and faced insufficiency of existing inks. Therefore we have researched and developed inks for ourselves, finally we released ‘Xcolor ink’ which contains efforts and know-hows we have developed over many years of R&D.  

 Xcolor Ink produces outstanding results which include intense and vivid colors, also offer strong resistance to light and protects against fading in normal wash conditions. Xcolor Ink is completely compatible with diverse printer heads from DX4 to DX7(Epson heads). As it doesn’t suffer from clogging effects, printer heads can be maintained successfully. It is optimal when Xcolor RIP Software and X-cotton are used together.



Ink specification.png
Ink specification.png




General Features


Strong Resistance to light and washing

Intense and Vivid Color

High Stability

High Transfer Quality

No Odor when print or press

Deeper Black Ink

Eco Friendly

No precipitation during validity

Compatible with Diverse Printers

All Epson Printers  11880/9700/9900/9890/ T series, F series

Mutoh 1638/1618/1604 Roland XF740, RA640 Mimaki JV33, JV5, TS-34

High Flowability

Verified high flowability from DX4 to DX7

Provide ICC Profile

Provide optimized ICC Profile

(Optimal solution when Xcolor RIP is used together)


X-color Ink FLUE


 We also launched fluorescent dyesublimation ink. It responds to UV rays and specification is same as X-color Ink except color provision. We provide 4 flue color : Yellow, Magenta, Orange, Green.

 Our exceptional fluorescent feature is applicable to various outdoor, golf, and sport clothing. Those clothes printed in X-color Ink FLUE will stand out much more and attract consumer’s attentions.

 It needs spot color replacement. It is optimal when Xcolor RIP Software and X-cotton are used together.