New solution for digital printing industry.

A new way of printing on cotton fabrics


 X-Cotton is dyesublimation solution for cotton fabric. We invented precoating liquid which helps to dyesublimate various types of fabric from cotton to blended fabrics. Our product is water-based and eco friendly.

 By using X-Cotton, conductivity can be improved while it generates vivid colour. Furthermore, X-cotton protects against fading in washing and light.

 To coat on fabric, silk screen method should be applied. X-cotton can be utilized either in small production or mass production. Our product is available for cotton fabric, clothes, TR, TC, CVC. It can also be adopted to black t-shirt, still it produces brilliantly colored images.

 Our X-cotton is a new solution for printing on cotton fabrics. It is optimal when Xcolor RIP Software and Xcolor Inks are used together.


Click to download X-Cotton Manual

Benefits of X-cotton

Process (Usage)

1. Using silk screen method, coat fabrics with X-cotton.

2. Then dry them enough. We recommend to use heat press and supply heat on fabric for 10 sec, 180 degree.

3. Prepare images printed in dye sublimation ink press those images to coated fabric.

4. We request to reduce temperature(185 c, 40 sec) than usual dye sublimation, since fabrics are  vulnerable to heat. But do not worry about color. We assure that works will be going well, still vivid and dark enough even with low temperature.

5. If you want them more soft, please wash them once before you supply it.

Here is the video how to process X-Cotton 


Click to download X-Cotton Manual


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