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RIP & Print


Multi Port Channel

Multi Port Channel enables 1 PC to handle 2~5 printers at the same time(maximum 5).

General Features

64 bit Pure Executable

High Productivity

6 color Turbo produces 20㎡/h

4 color Turbo produces 35㎡/h

True 16 bit Engine

CMS Support

Our product provides density read module and ICC profile free of charge. These functions will give you high quality and vivid outputs. And we are available for CMS services.

Easy User Interface

Suitable for Flatbed Printer

Xcolor RIP is also suitable for flatbed printers. Uniquely we offer white ink features.

Special Features for Epson printer

In Epson printers, 4color CMYK double function is provided.  Nozzle change features will continue to operate despite of clogged heads which will ultimately reduce your operating expenses.

Enable Roll Paper printing

Our special features for Epson 1390/L1800 printer(A3) facilitate roll paper printing with accelerated speed



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