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Upgrade Policy

For existing customer, we are establishing and are announcing new Upgrade Policy. Please check if it is fit to your condition. If you have any question, please contact us.

Upgrade Policy:

  1. If you bought Davinci Turbo RIP or Xcolor RIP prior to 2015, you have to pay upgrade fee. If you pay extra for the new version, you will get all the benefit of main features of our new version software.

  2. If you have bought Davinci Turbo RIP or Xcolor RIP within 2015, you can upgrade new version without any charge. This offer is valid until 6 months after publishing 2016 Version. After this time period, you have to pay upgrade fee for our new version of RIP software. New version can be changed easily by connecting to your PC remotely while plugging USB dongle. Or if its’ not possible, send us USB dongle and get new one in which the new version is included.

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