XColorRIP Trial version launched.

XColorRIP Trial Version published.

Many customers asked about XColorRIP demo version, before they buy they need to test if it works well.

So, until now we do not have demo or trial version, so I had no idea how to support them.

Now our XColorRIP Trial version launched.

XColorRIP Trial version include USB dongle and install CD, same as original unlimited version.

But it have limitation. 30 execution count, time limit.

After test finished then you can decide to buy this product,

then no need more transportation of unlimited version package, just upgrade to unlimited version with our upgrade package (sent by email. )

So, now you can test Trial version first and then decide to buy it.

Trial version price is 50 USD include transport fee. (some country need UPS then the price will be 80 USD. you must check it if your country can use EMS. )

if you need more question, plz contact us. my email : sales@xcolorinternational.com, SKYPE ID : papafrog77

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