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download link. (lastest version 20201006 Epson version.)


download link. (lastest version 20191106)


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download link. (lastest version 20170524)


We will use this item as donwload link and news for upgrade version.

Special thanks for all coleague that support our XcolorRIP upgrade developement .

Update News.

2019.11. 6 1. Now support pantone color . 2. bug fixed about 16bit lendering (16bit gradation. ) now works well (it's happen 2018. 9 version, before that it works well. ).

2019.10.28 1. Update Roland RF640 (read paper width).

2019.10.25 1. Added Hueprime SuperX1602 printer. 2. Update Mutoh 1638WX, 1938WX, 1948WX driver. (do not have 1948WX driver but you can use with 1938 driver)

2019.09.04 1. now support ai file. some old version of ai (version 7 or below) file does not support but most of all files support well.

2019.07.12 1. added XcolorPS Driver. This feature enables any windows application (like AutoCAD or CAD Viewer), can use XcolorPS Driver and make PDF files then print with XcolorRIP. ( external setup file named, mfilemon.exe - in XcolorPSDriver folder ). external manual how to use will release.

2. clear some problem when printing tile data, using in network folder.

2019.06.13 1. Ripping Speed increased about 5% , (You must need at least 4g above memory PC. )

2019.06.06 1. about S7000-3 driver , now support 3 kind of dots (L M S) . ( need to update firmware . ) VSD1 actually works as VSD1, 2 kind of dots (Large Middle) . and VSD2 actually works as VSD1, 3 kind of dots (L M S). 2. Check HDD space, if less than 10 GB then warning message . 3. if open from network or usb memory then it copies to original folder for ripping speed and safe printing . ( if network failed then it have error. ) and now if delete this job from job list then also delete file that copied to original directory. for maintaining hard disk space.

2019.05.19 1. sometimes drop files feature does not work in some OS, now all fixed. 2. sometimes stop at 98% of printing, now change process, experimental.

2019. 4. 19 1. Update S2000-X5 printer driver. also add 6color Atools program (etc folder, Audley-AtoolsProgram folder ). 4color for 4Color Atools program. and resolution changed 360x540 3p , 360x720 4p, 360x1080 6p, 360x1440 8p, 360x2160 12p, 720x720 8p 720x1080 12p 720x1440 16p 2. Added S2000-D5 printer driver (head is DX5 head, single and double ) . also add Atools program for S2000-D5 .


1. Left, top margin apply to JobSetting. you can apply left top margin, when open new print data. plz take care when using jobsetting that saved as left top margin applied. it always apply left, top margin for default. if you want same jobsetting and just sometimes need left top margin apply, sometimes dont need left, top margin, then you can make 2 jobsetting, one apply with left top margin, other do not apply ( set to 0 ) and choose as youwant to use.

2. in tile printing tile , between each tile print output , apply interval . it's Tile interval.

2019.02.10 1. Add cut line thickness . (Dialog - etc - cut line option )

2019. 1. 16 1. if EPS have transparency option , sometimes output goes wrong, now changed engine and these data goes all right.

2019. 1. 11 1. Audley G7000(2, 3 head also) printer driver added.

2019. 1. 2. 1. TAIMES 4720-1801 driver added. 2. Happy new year !!!

2018.12.25 1. When nesting auto align - apply current width, instead of printer width. 2. now you can change spool file directory . 3. Merry christmas !!!

2018.11.16 1. Added Audley S4720-H3, Audley S7000-D3 UV Printer driver 2. Added Locor 1901(5113) , 1900(DX5) Printer driver

2018. 9 . 20

1. Left, top margin will be saved when exit jobsetting save job, then next when you open job setting previous Left, top margin will be applied. And also you can use Job copy for same job again . also apply left, top margin too.

2018. 9. 10 1. make Jobcopy features in Job Queue.

2018. 8. 28 1. Change English Manual and add CMS (ICC Profile) making manual.

2018. 7. 31 1. In Jobsetting dialog , % apply with [default apply] button , after [default apply] new files all apply with this option. 2. Window 10 some OS problem now changed.

2018. 6. 27 1. in jobsetting dialog, rotate, same ratio off , apply with [default apply] button. after [default apply] new files all apply with this option. 2. Draw title option can apply with jobsetting . you can save current jobsetting with drawtitle option on. 3. Draw sewing line options can apply default, [dafault option] button. 4. Color changed with vivid color. XcolorCMYKcontrast.icm (input icc profile new apply).

2018. 6. 11 1. Xuli X62033 printer driver added.

2018. 6. 7 1. Tile setting dialog bug fix. 2. When tile printing, after print, still locate in job queue so another piece of tile printing can select and print again. 3. Epson P800 Roll paper printing bug fixed . 4. When data located in network or usb memory then copy it to local drive and call it, that makes printing speed better. 5. Time limited trial version is now available, you can choose one month enable demo program.

Thank you for using our XcolorRIP software.

2018. 5. 31 1. Epson P800 Roll Print bug fix. 2. Tile printing UI bug fix. 3. while Tile printing, stay job data in job queue.

2018. 4. 26 1. Added Flatbed new features - Color White print in same Job ( not simultenously ) . - for P800 (WTS Flatbed printer) . (need to add Registry - greensoft-GENERAL-WHITECOLORSAMEJOB as 1 . ( next time will make UI for this . ) .

2018. 4. 13 1. Audley S7000-D3, S2000-X5 when you install also need this program. in folder etc\AudleyS7000-D3-AtoolsProgram . Atools-S7000-D3-V106WT-20180302-Eng.exe exe file needed and execute for printer connection. in global setup , port - tcpip set . and if print then you must execute this Atools program too.

2018. 4. 11 1. Added and upgrade SKY Color SC4180H1 printer driver. 2. Upgrade Audley S7000-D3, S2000-X5 printer driver. - these printer driver also need upgrade of Atools printing program that support tcpip , and printer setup in XcolorRIP , port must be tcpip, . 3. about Windows 10 OS, if you choose compatiblity of program property as windows 7 compatible then it does not work well so you must uncheck compatibility property . Must take care and test needed.

2018. 3.10 1. When RIP&Printing , it does not work just work as Print after RIP, so bug fixed to work RIP& printing and delay of printing well. 2. Audley S7000-D3, S2000-X5 Driver update.

2018. 2.25 1. Added Audley S7000-D3 , S2000-X5 driver 2. Fixed bug, when printing sewing line with dotted line, then off area filled with white now changed to background image color. 3. changing Sewingline color then show in preview window.

2017.11. 2 1. fixed bug, when printing nxn copy with draw title option, last title do not print, fixed bug. 2. save n x n copy col , row margin option, last used margin is loaded.

2017.10.17 1. added LOCOR Ultra1901Plus printer driver.

2017. 10. 8 1. Change R2000 driver bug fix. can change channels and also works well with white color option. 2. Change P800 driver, now support Epson Surecolor P800 perfectly.

2017. 7. 10

1. Flatbed printer R1800/2400 driver Add 2W + 4C , 2V(vanish) + 4C mode . 2. MiColor 5800D Driver Update - Final relase compatible (20170522 version of firmware) VSD2(Fixed) , VSD3 (Variable Dot) support.

2017. 6. 30 1. Audley driver bug fix. nxn copy, top margin bug fixed. 2. in Job Queue if you double clik empty area then Add Job dialog box appear. 3. when selecting list in RIP Queue, now print icon in toolbar work (enable and work as print). 4. when printing tile and draw title option, draw title describe each tile item information (1/3 x 1/1 ) . 5. Now White color pure color option set default (always using white color as pure color ). some icc profile change white as another color and sometime s white area also printing , so we make white color set default as pure color, then do not print white area.)

2017. 5. 30

1. Change User Interface for notebook users, 1024x768 resolution is ok for XcolorRIP UI.

2017. 5. 24

1. Draw Text works well when rotate applied. 2. When Tile printing sometimes waiting % does not works well, solved problem. 4. Change UI for some notebook, height 768 pixel or above, then you can use new UI. 5. we will release Spanish version. 6. Upgrade status window . 7. file merge using PDF file now enable, also tile printing enable.

2017. 5. 24

1. Draw Text works well when rotate applied. 2. When Tile printing sometimes waiting % does not works well, solved problem. 4. Change UI for some notebook, height 768 pixel or above, then you can use new UI. 5. we will release Spanish version. thank you for translating , Fernando, and Antonio ! 6. Upgrade status window . 7. file merge using PDF file now enable, also tile printing enable.

Driver updates,

Audley S8000-3 (2016. 12. 1)

SKY COlor SC4180, TC1932

MI-color 5800D

Xcedo SD771

Mimaki JV33, JV5

2017. 4. 25

1. CMS engine upgrade. Vivid color appear, also we support CMS service also internationally.

2. Draw Tile features enable. Filename print after image . (Jobsetting – tile – drawtitle. )

3. While RIP&Print action, sometimes fast printer wait while rip data is not enough, so we make settings for % of ripping start time . for example, 30% ripping then print, work like letterally, after 30% ripping then print start, even though select RIP&Printing option. So then you can find while printing no wait for ripping data. (Global Setting – General - % after printing )

4. PS, PDF file support

5. CMS (ICC Profile) Backup and restore features enable. Current printer icc profile and density setting , you can save all CMS settings using CMS Backup. And it makes 1 file so after you need new PC or apply to another PC, then you can use this file (*.7z), and use CMS restore.

6. Adjust PostScript Quality. (Global Setting – Postscript quality) . High Quality need time and Fast printing make darft quality .

7. While using 16bit Variable Dot, you can adjust Large Middle Small dot ratio depend on the printer.

8. Sewing line width can adjust now.

9. Printing status window . you can check print end time. For mass production printing. Print start time, Print end time, Print remain time. And nxn copy printing current job status.

2016. 12. 4

1. added rename jobsetting .

2. correct features, when using nxn copy cols, and then center alignment , now it works well.

2016. 12. 1

1. change postscript gradation quality adjustment - in global setting now you can choose.

2. Add new features for CMS backup and restore utility, you can backup current printer drivers cms (icc profile) and can restore with backup file.

Added features recent days. ( about 2015, 2016 upgrade ).

1. added status window that indicate current printing job, and nxn copy count, lap time predict,

2. PS, PDF file now support.

3. Trial version now enable.

4. change UI toolbar (and you can change toolbars, - 3 kind is available now,

5. change channel options, even one nozzles row clogged , using another channel and print output goes well.

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