Proposal for small A2 dyesub, photo, transfer paper printing system <- cheapest solution !

I'd like to introduce economical digital SOHO (Small office, Home office) printing service system.

It will be a good chance for your business, if you already start digital printing system business then it's OK, or you are just a customer but you can learn and sells this system.

The Key point of this business is cheap used printer + XColorRIP RIP software.

But we focus on SOHO, but productive digital printing system. some small printer A4, A3 that's almost starting level. if you, or your customer wants more professional, productive solution, then this is the answer !

Epson's new printer's weakness is the head price. Epson 4900 is very good quality printer, but the head price is so high and when the head clogging and need to change head then head price is so high ( about 2,000 USD ) so they give up the machines,

but now with our XcolorRIP technology, you can use printer even though 4 ~ 6 nozzles clogged still can use it ! channel change feature enable . so you can use epson printer without change head long time !

Basic starter KIT, you can choose A2 size printer Epson 4900, and next step, you can also choose A1 size Epson stylus pro 7900 printer, same 10 channel colors, also can change channels. if you need larder width print output than A2, then 7900 is the solution .

Our starterKIT include these

1. Used Epson stylus pro 4900 printer. (at least 8channels are very good not clogged. )

2. XColorRIP software (support epson 4900 4 color double mode and 6 color mode , and support channel change - this feature enable even though head is clogged, rearrange good nozzles and then no need to change expensive head. )

3. Refill cartridge include auto reset chip.

Epson's new 4900 A2 size printer, with this machine you can do the next job all.

for dyesublimation machine. you can choose 4Color double for fast productive printing, or 6 color vivid good quality output for smartphone and so on.

for photo printng, you can make A4 ~ A2 photo frame and some banner bromide also.

( we recommend using 6 color printing , pigment ink )

for transfer paper you can make A4, A3 transfer paper and stick on T-shirt, dark T-shirt aso OK.

4. optional - multi purpose heat press or T-shirt heat press

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