New Xfabric for DarkT launched. similar to transfer paper. but better than that.

long time no good news.

now very good news who are looking for good solutions for dark t-shirt digital printing solutions.

This solution is similar with transfer paper, but printing way, we are using dyesublimation, and also it's fabric. the main 2 different property makes our solution quality good.

check the compare table. better quality , cheap price !

Now, i will introduce how to apply dark T-shirt with Xfabric solution.

1. print dyesublimation paper using dyesublimation printer.

2. dyesublimation press using heat press ( temperature 200 degree, 20 sec. ).

cut edges using scissors or laser cutting machine.

remove back sheet !

After remove back sheet then locate it on the dark t-shirt. and using heat press.

after press then it fix to dark T-shirt. now finished !!!

#transferpaper #dyesublimation #digitalprinting #darkT #xfabric #DTG

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