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launched new Product XPaper - transfer paper for dark t-shirt

Xpaper is transfer paper for dark t-shirts.

Xpaper have these features.

1. Easy to operate

2. Using general inkjet printers ( dye ink and also pigment ink is OK ).

3. Apply to dark, black t-shirt (white base).

4. cheapest way digital printing on dark t-shirt.

Making T-shirt printing Process

1. Print on Xpaper using inkjet printer . (dye and pigment ink is OK.)

2. Cut the paper with scissors. ( Also you can using cutting plotter for cut paper but we recommend using scissors or knife that's better and easy way. )

3. separate Xpaper surface and back sheet. and remove back sheet.

4. place Xpaper to the T-shirt and press it using heat press. ( temperature 170 degree, 10 sec is enough, using at least air heat press or hydratic press is better. or your customer can use iron instead of heat press. ) when press , over the paper , you must use teflon sheet or fabric if do not use them then xpaper transfer paper with stick on heat press.


1. When you wash this printed T-shirt , then use cold water, turn inside out for care about printed area. do not hand wash.

2. Do not iron on printing area .

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