Our New Version of RIP Software Will Be...

For more strong, beneficial advantage, we are going to develop our New Version of Xcolor RIP Software! It is expecting to launch the first half of the year, and I would like to introduce what will become our new beneficial features.

Check out our new features of the Upgrade Version!

Current Upgrade Version Features:

1. Postscript Engine upgrade, more compatible file formats.

2. Added new channel change features for Epson 6/8/10 color printers. So if some your printer’s head nozzles clogged then you don’t need to change heads. Avoid clogged nozzles and you can use it.

6 channels to 4 color CMYK

8 channels to 6 color CMYKLcLm or 4 color CMYK

10 channels to 8 color double or 6 color CMYKLcLm or 4 color CMYK

3. Added new features for flatbed printer’s white ink. Many features have changed.

a. White ink area choose method. Added contrast white option

b. Highlight white feature added.

c. Choke feature added. You can adjust choke thickness.

d. Add Y-line features for UV flatbed printer. UV printers needed additional Y-line because UV lamp must pass to all print area. With this features, UV lamp reach to the start position, and continue to pass after printing all area for the perfect hardening. Image description is below

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